Build a well-designed Website and increase traffic.

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It is important to have a well-designed site in order to attract visitors and keep them, increase traffic and, therefore, sales. Paintscape.NET is here to help you build a Website that will reach your audience. In general you will want to stay away from using frames and tables, keep your graphics minimal and stick with Web Standards for better rankings in search engines. Here are some tips for making your Website findable.

Use the Title Tag

You want to have a short title that describes your site’s content (less than twelve words). It is also one of the most important places to position your keywords.

Use Meta Tags

We make sure you have meta tags and your title is in place before we submit to search engines to ensure better rankings. While meta tags will not ensure a No. 1 ranking in the search engines (and some search engines ignore them altogether), it is a good idea to try to help the search engines that do use them to index your site and give you a better ranking.  Meta tags basically consist of two parts: keywords and a description (Keyword Meta Tags are ignored by most search engines today). You will want to choose a few keywords and a short description that are relevant to your site’s content. Try to make your main page as search engine friendly as possible in order to help get a better ranking. The more the search engine finds relevant keywords words on your site, the better ranking you will get. You may want to work the targeted keywords in bold/large imprint into the copy on the comment page itself. You can also put keywords in the alt tags of your images and in comment areas. Make sure your HTML is accurate, your page does not take too long to load, your links are working, and you stick to your targeted subject. To get an idea of what words you may want to use for your area, do a search on the keywords you want to target and see what the top sites have used. Then click through to those sites and view their source code. The more specific the keywords and focus and the more relevant they are to your site’s content, the more likely you will be to get a higher ranking in the search engines.

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