Is your website dynamic or static?

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Happy New Year!

Is your website dynamic or static?

2011 was a productive year around here. I continued to improve upon my skill set in order to provide easy-to-use, template driven, web software. Most new or recently updated websites I design are now in Wordpress. Designing a website in a powerful web platform, such as WordPress, has tremendous advantages (see below). My goal is to provide my clients with a powerful, yet affordable, website that they can update themselves without any knowledge of HTML or coding.  I use the power of WordPress to help my clients achieve their goals, by giving them the tools to manage all aspects of having a website.

Websites should not be be created and then left unattended! Think of it this way: If you had a brick and mortor store front, would you never change the display in the window? I think you see what I mean. Your storefront would not be very appealing. It is important to keep your website and its content current. With a web platform that is also a Content Management System (CMS), it couldn’t be easier to manage your content.

You already have your hands full?  Many of my small business clients are busy running their businesses and do not have the time or inclination to look after their websites. No problem! That is where I come in. Let me be your website partner.

Coming Soon! Early next year, I will be offering turnkey WordPress packages with Maintenance Agreements that include keeping your site updated with reports on how you are doing on Google and other search engines. Maintencae Agreements will also be available for existing WordPress users. Details will be forthcoming. This will be a cost effective and powerful solution for keeping your Web Presence current, tracking your visitors, and reaching your goals. Then you can do what you do best and manage your business.

There are many advantages to using a platform like WordPress for your website. WordPress is Open Source, which means there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it (more than most commercial platforms). It also means you are free to use it for anything, from your personal page to a Fortune 500 website, without paying anyone a license fee.

  • Over 25 million people have chosen WordPress for their website.
  • Unlimited uses, not just a blog, but full featured e-commerce, galleries, media, memberships, social websites.
  • SEO and Google Analytics are easy to manage. (Now part of my new maintenance package)
  • Thousands of plug-ins, themes and community support. (I have included plugins that add great fuctionality to every site I build, such as shopping carts, galleries and contact forms.)

Start the New Year off right, contact me here or give me a call at 941 312 1034.
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