Why WordPress?

Read this post from John Maeda from Automattic Design on why you would want to use WordPress. Need a Website? Paintscape.net designs and develops WordPress Websites exclusively.

Google is moving to Mobile-first Indexing

This is big news. Read more on Google Webmaster Central Blog. As we move towards a more mobile-focused index our customers are in good shape because Paintscape Designs uses Responsive Design! Since the Content and Markup is equivalent across mobile and desktop … Read More

WordPress 4.5.2 Security Release

It is important to keep your website, backed up and up-to-date. If you are uncomfortable with doing your own maintenance, use my  updating service for a nominal fee. WordPress 4.5.2 is now available. This is a security release for all previous … Read More

WordPress 101 Tutorials

WordPress 101 Video Tutorials by iThemes.com Thanks to ithemes.com for this series of WordPress tutorials that covers everything you need to know to get started using WordPress!

WordPress Instructor

Are you thinking of building your own WordPress website? Not sure where to start? Would you like someone to show you how to create a page, set up a navigation menu, make contact form or photo gallery? I can help. Schedule … Read More

Free Video Tutorials

New to WordPress? Here are some great video tutorials to get you started with WordPress:

Favorite E-commerce WordPress Plugin

I offer Cart66 as one of the e-commerce solutions for WordPress. The following video is from Cart66.com to help you get acquainted with Cart66 and cover some of the basic questions about how Cart66 works. Cart66 Overview from Lee Blue … Read More

Keep your website fast and furious

In the past when websites were static HTML, updating was confined to adding content.  Most websites these days are on a web platform such as WordPress. Updates to core files and plug-ins are required to keep your site running smoothly and secure. Just … Read More

Contact Privacy for Domain Name Owners

What is it and why should I enable it on my domain? Most people wouldn’t dream of setting up a website that lists their personal email address, home phone number and street address. But this is exactly what happens on … Read More

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